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Swiss trade with Japan 2023  (provisional) Swiss exports to Japan:         CHF   7,608,295,258              -  18.1% vs 2022 Swiss imports from Japan:       CHF   4,368,960,828              + 5.2% vs 2022 Trade balance:                 CHF     3,239,334,430             in favor of Switzerland. Swiss trade with Japan 2022 Swiss exports to Japan:      CHF  9,287,770,831 + 21.7% vs 2021 Swiss imports from Japan:  CHF  4,154,384,458 +   6.5% vs 2021. Swiss trade with Japan 2021. Swiss exports to Japan:              CHF 7,628,975.479             + 9.7% vs 2020. Swiss imports from Japan:          CHF  3,897,785,203                 + 5.5% vs 2020. More details at “Switzerland-Japan”. (Source: Swissimpex). Direct investment Switzerland-Japan 2020. The Swiss National Bank published on December 17th, 2021 a press release and a report about Swiss direct investment abroad and foreign direct investment in Switzerland. Interesting points: - in 2020, companies domiciled in Switzerland invested CHF 714 million in Japan: - at the end of 2020, their direct investment stock in Japan amounted to CHF 21,952 million; - at the end of 2020, Swiss-based investors controlled 297 companies in Japan; - at the end of 2020, companies domiciled in Switzerland employed 35,298 persons in Japan; - in 2020, Japan-domiciled companies invested CHF 11,345 million in Switzerland; - at the end of 2020, Japan-domiciled companies owned an investment stock of CHF 41,045 million in Switzerland. See more details under “Switzerland-Japan”. Source:  JETRO Invest Japan Report 2018. This 50-page report published by JETRO in November 2018 is a compilation of information on the activities of foreign afiliates and their perception of the Japanese business environment, related policies of central and local governments, statistics on Japan inward foreign direct investments and JETRO’s own activities. To see this report, go to 
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Swiss trade with Japan 2024 (Jan + Feb)  (provisional) Swiss exports to Japan:         CHF   1,328,111,275              -  8.2%  vs same period 2023 Swiss imports from Japan:       CHF   691,127,998              - 12.6&  vs same period 2023 Trade balance:                 CHF     636,983,277            in favor of Switzerland.